Neo Kidney Revive®

Multi-year success on reversing CKD Chronic-Kidney Disease, this is a multi-week integrated-therapy program to prevent dialysis and help revive back the function of your kidney. The only proven-effective program in the industry.

In the early stages, my creatine was so high that the Specialist Doctor was surprised with a total creatine of 2266 mmol/L. Alhamdulillah, Allah showed me the way by introducing me to Neo Medicare. Alhamdulillah my progress is amazing because my creatine from 2266 mmol/l, dropped to 887 mmol/L.

CKD Stage 5 – Mr Bakri

The CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) Intensive Program is a disciplined multi-week treatment programme for people with severe kidney disease. The participants will receive treatment for 21 days, and their health will be monitored throughout to ensure that the main goal, which is a lower creatinine level, is met. The participants will be accommodated at the local inn in Kubang Kerian and Kuala Lumpur, and various side activities will be planned to fill the participants’ free time. Food and drinks will also be provided to participants based on recipes developed specifically for CKD patients.

key components in our pgoramme

Modern Therapy & Medicine

We started the session by looking into key indicators to customise your treatment.

Clinical Cupping Therapy

We added a must-have therapy to ensure your key indicators are improved and managed.

Disciplined Diet Regiment

We ensure that you consume only a well-tasted specially formulated recipe to maintain health.

Online Consultation

Dapatkan khidmat nasihat dari doktor pakar tanpa kekangan jarak dan masa.