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Diabetic Kidney Disease 

Kidney Failure Treatment

Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Kidney Failure Treatment

Kidney failure is actually a condition in which one or both kidneys of the human body failed to work and filtration of waste and excessive fluid becomes impossible. The main causes of kidney failure include: acute kidney injuries, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The interesting thing is that kidney failure develops quickly and if it …

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Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Stage 4 kidney disease is actually a stage that occurs when the estimated rate of glomerular filtration is between 15-29 mL/min and this indicates severe kidney function loss. For the preservation of kidney function, it is necessary to manage the health and start the treatment for proper kidney functioning. A person suffering from stage 4 …

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Kidney Disease Treatment

The kidneys in the human body are two organs that look like bean-shaped. Each kidney in the human body’s are actually the size of a fist and the main functions of the kidney are to filter extra waste as well as water out of human blood and helps in making urine. If the person has …

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