Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Stage 4 kidney disease is actually a stage that occurs when the estimated rate of glomerular filtration is between 15-29 mL/min and this indicates severe kidney function loss. For the preservation of kidney function, it is necessary to manage the health and start the treatment for proper kidney functioning. A person suffering from stage 4 kidney disease has kidney damage and it is like the person needs an immediate kidney transplant or dialysis. As the function of the kidneys declines, those waste products which are building in the human blood and cause the condition called ‘uremia’. At this stage, different kidney disease complications occur such as anemia (red blood cells shortage), heart disease, high blood pressure, bone disease, and other diseases of the heart.

Symptoms Associated with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Different symptoms that are associated with stage 4 kidney disease include:

Different Steps to Take Immediately at Stage 4 Kidney Disease

See Nephrologist

  • If you have kidney disease at stage 4 and you are neglecting it, it is necessary to immediately see your nephrologist at this stage. A nephrologist is one who has all the knowledge about kidney disease and knows better treatment for it. First of all, he or she examines the different tests and talks to you about the proper management of the health condition of the body. He also recommends you the proper medical treatment at this stage of kidney disease. Though stage 4 is a dangerous stage, but increase the life span of the kidney is necessary in order to avoid other complications.

Kidney-Friendly Diet Plan

  • Following of the kidney-friendly diet plan is a good option for the kidney disease patient. If you are the one who is not working with qualified dietitians, then you can freely ask your physician or doctor for a referral. A dietitian is the one who always helps you in choosing kidney-friendly beverages as well as diet.

Potential Treatment

  • In the case of stage 4 kidney disease, it is a good time for you to learn the potential treatment option for the long working of your kidney. In this case, you need to ask your physician about dialysis, kidney transplant and other kidney medications option that helps to support your kidneys for better functioning. If you want to go for home dialysis, ask your doctor about the complications of this procedure and whether it is a good option to do at home or not. It is very imperative to find out the best treatment option that helps to fit a better lifestyle.

Stay Motivated

  • In order to stay motivated, it is good for you to start building a support network and for this purpose, you can ask for support from your doctor, friends, as well as, family. They all will support you during the treatment procedure.



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