Kidney Failure Treatment

Kidney failure is actually a condition in which one or both kidneys of the human body failed to work and filtration of waste and excessive fluid becomes impossible. The main causes of kidney failure include: acute kidney injuries, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The interesting thing is that kidney failure develops quickly and if it chronic condition, then it gets worst with the passage of time. Kidney failure is actually dangerous as well as severe kidney disease stage and without treatment, it is fatal. Without treatment, the person can only survive a few weeks or days.

Treatment Option for Kidney Failure

The treatment of kidney failure mainly depends on the extent as well as the cause of the problem. For slowing down the kidney disease progression, treatment like kidney transplant, dialysis or different medications are the treatment option left. Though, these options are not the cure but can increase the lifespan of a kidney or a person suffering from kidney disease. Checking of regular blood pressure, blood tests and different medications are useful methods. If you are suffering from kidney failure, it is necessary to go for the potential treatment.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure in order to place a healthy kidney from a deceased or living donor into a person whose kidneys fail to function properly. During this procedure, the surgeon places the healthy powerful kidney into the body of the patient in order to take over for the damaged kidney. If one kidney is transplanted into the patient, he or she can live a healthy life. This is the last option left in order to stay healthy for a lifetime. It is necessary to ask your doctor whether you are able to go for this procedure or not. If he recommends you this, you can go for a kidney transplant and make sure, the kidney must match your kidney. 

It is a fact that without dialysis or a kidney transplant, kidney failure is life-threatening and can lead to the immediate death of the person. Survival without these procedures can be only a few weeks. 

Different Medications for Kidney Failure Treatment

Different medications are helpful for the patient with kidney failure. These include, diuretics (removal of extra fluid), ACE inhibitors and ARBs (lower blood pressure), Statins (Lower cholesterol level), Calcitriol and Vitamin D (Bone loss prevention), Erythropoietin-stimulating agents (red blood cells building) and Phosphate binders (removal of extra phosphorous).



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