Kidney Disease Treatment

The kidneys in the human body are two organs that look like bean-shaped. Each kidney in the human body’s are actually the size of a fist and the main functions of the kidney are to filter extra waste as well as water out of human blood and helps in making urine. If the person has kidney disease, this means that his or her kidneys are damaged and can’t filter the human blood the same way they were filtering before. If the person is suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, the person is at greater risk of developing kidney disease. It is necessary to go for the kidney disease treatment before the condition goes worst and damages other organs of the human body.

  • Medications 
    If the person has high blood pressure, it is necessary to manage the blood pressure on a priority basis and for this purpose, the person should prescribe different ACE inhibitors such as, Enalapril, Lisinopril, Captopril, Fosinopril, and Ramipril according to the doctor’s advice. For the lowering of the protein level, different ARBs are prescribed such as, Losartan, Eprosartan, Valsartan, Olmesartan, and Irbesartan. Your doctor or physicians will advice which medications suit your body well and what you need to take according to the advice of your doctor. If the person is suffering from slow kidney disease, Dapagliflozin is the drug of choice for the patient that doctors prescribe. In order to make the erythropoietin in the body in order to make red blood cells, doctors advice Darbepoetin or Epogen in order to curb the body’s anemia.


  • Balanced Diet
    During kidney disease, it is very important to control the diet at this level and a balanced diet is the best way in order to stay away from different kidney disease complications. The doctors give you a diet that must be lower in protein, phosphate, potassium, and sodium. This diet is very helpful because this helps your kidneys to become less damaged. The renal dietitians also help you to get the proper diet at the stage of kidney disease. It is necessary to take enough amounts of minerals and vitamins (vitamin D and calcium). If the person is suffering from diabetes, it is necessary to choose the right food so that the sugar level in the blood remains controlled throughout your life.


  • Dialysis
    If the kidneys are unable to function, it is necessary to go for dialysis. Though, dialysis is not the cure but helps to remove waste and fluids from the blood and increase the life span of the kidneys. A hemodialysis is a machine that uses a mechanical filter for cleaning the blood. The patient must get it done at the home or dialysis center. At home, dialysis machine takes a lot of time as compared to a dialysis center machine. It is better to rush to a dialysis center for the proper dialysis of the kidneys. Before the start of hemodialysis, it is necessary to have local surgery for making the place of the machine in order to access it. The surgeon who is doing dialysis actually connects the vein and artery in the arm of the patient through a fistula. This requires approximately 6 weeks for healing.


  • Kidney Transplant
    You can freely ask your doctor about the kidney transplant if this is a better option for you. Your family member can donate the matching kidney or you can talk to an organ donor. If the kidneys become available, you can go for surgery. This is actually a major surgical procedure and a successful kidney transplant allows you not to go for dialysis. 



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Kidney Disease Treatment

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