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iTeraCare Therapy Device can be used on all persons including infants. Strengthens healthy cells, repairs damaged cells, simultaneously expelling liquefy unhealthy cells. It clears block passage/ vessel and body detoxification. Can penetrate the skin between 20 to 30 mm, thus reaching the bone marrow, micro blood vessels and capillaries. It enhances micro-circulation and eliminates body humidity. Regulates the body temperature and improving the immunity system by activating the weak and inactive cells. DIY pain relief. No professional skill or knowledge needed. Just blow on an area where one feels uncomfortable. iTeraCare Therapy Device is specifically used for external therapeutic and physiotherapy treatment.

benefit of itera care device:

  • Increase the Self Healing Ability in the Body 
  • Activates Dormant Cells
  • Eliminates Unhealthy Cells
  • Clear Meridian and Lymph Points
  • Cleanses Blood Impurities and Increase Blood Flow
  • Removes Body Humidity
  • Regulates Endocrine Glands and Protect Our Organs

step of using itera care