NEO Agent Program

The program is created to help you make a greater side income by taking advantage of our fast-selling products and high-margin services. While your “professional” friends make about RM3,000 a month working for a company, you could potential make RM7,000 a month working for your own self – designing your own life, defining your own destiny. 

design your own life . define your own destiny


Bored at home doing errands? Time make easy income. 


You are studying, but figured why not make extra income? 


You are waiting for a stable job but wanna make side income?


You already have stable job, but wanna make an extra income? 

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Potential Sales a Year
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Potential Profits a Year

In 2022 alone, 1 agent can make up to RM300,000 a year with profit of RM90,000. It’s better than an office executive with RM5,000 a month salary.  This program is created specially created to help you make more income!

Neo Agent Success Executive

Product Agent

Drive sales of our retail products from supplements to pills and to devices and many more.  

Sales Channels

Shopee or Lazada


Product to sell

Cordyceps, and more

Service Agent

Drive sales of our clinical and wellness services such as our ECP services, CKD Integrated-therapy Package and many more. 

Sales Channels

Wellness Centres


Services to sell

CKD Package and more

Neo Education Centre

How to become A rockstar seller

Many people dream of becoming a rockstar seller making thousands and millions of sales selling products or services. We wont leave you alone. We wont let you swim without guidance. Learn techniques and tips here >>>


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control your fate